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Product name : Bamboo Flooring
Item : Carbonized
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Greenvills's Bamboo Flooring:


Solid bamboo flooring owns the properties of a natural appearance and silken color.
Which adds a unique ambiance by giving warmth in the winter,coolness in the summer and 
an elegance which enhances value to your home or business.
Bamboo flooring is suitable for use anywhere in the home.

Traditional Bamboo Flooring:

    Horizontal Carbonized Solid Bamboo Flooring                                  Vertical Carbonized Solid Bamboo Flooring 

Bamboo flooring divided by the structure is Horizontal, Vertical and Strand Woven.
       Bamboo Flooring | Horizontal                        Bamboo Flooring | Vertical                      Bamboo Flooring | Strand Woven 

Bamboo flooring divided by the color is Natural, Carbonized and Tiger.
     Bamboo Flooring | Natural                  Bamboo Flooring | Carbonized                 Bamboo Flooring | Tiger

Bamboo flooring divided by the edge is Tongue and Groove, Click System.
      Tongue + Groove                                     Click System 

For more bamboo flooring,please check:
Strand Woven Natural 
Strand Woven Carbonized

Strand Woven Tiger

Bamboo Flooring Horizontal
Bamboo Flooring Vertical
Bamboo Flooring Strand Woven

Bamboo Flooring Natural
Bamboo Flooring Carbonized
Bamboo Flooring Tiger

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